Thursday, May 24, 2012

time to chill

Yay.. a night just to chill. No meetings, nothing to do but catch up on some R&R. Time to turn on the sounds and groove to the tunes. Unwind. The perfect way to reconnect with the body, is to dance.
Skin-Tameless - Eyes - Redgrave  - AO- Amacci-Posh      Hair - Exile-Dandy
Outfit -ALB - Sally (mesh)     Jewelry is from Designer Showcase merchant
Aurora Borealis- Daisy, in the current showcase, don't miss getting it, perfect adornment for that pretty neck of yours. 
Dancing and chillin' perfect way to spend the night.  Take back your quiet zone.. Let your mind take you places you've never been before.. Explore.
Pillows are from animations by  Pillow Talk
Rest =^_^=  then shop some more!  taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE

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