Saturday, May 26, 2012

sYs Design

[sYs] Design - Cyber & Fashion : Clothes , Skin & Accessories   I am reading a book that was suggested to me by a dear friend here in SL. She passed me a note card with information about the author John Norman and suggested I might find it an interesting story.  The story begins with a young man who finds himself on an other planet. I am of course simplifying it, I mention it only because when I wandered over to sYs Design, I felt immediately as if I had landed on different planet.  It is so well laid out, every detail is designed to create a feeling and mood.  It took me a moment to realize that I was surrounded by the gifts this shop offers it's group members.   There is a cost to join this group.  When you see the gifts offered,  you will likely decide that it is a good investment.  You land in a central court, the various divisions of the store are well identified on the floor map at your feet.  The ambient music is futuristic without being in your face, and at a level that it allows you to think and take in all of what you are seeing.  Clean spacious and uncluttered, if this genre is for you, then this is a MUST when on a shopping expedition.
Wanting to do this blog with all sYs components, I went back and bought a shape.  In all the goodies I acquired earlier today, there wasn't a shape, and in my own shopping I neglected to get one.  $450 for Sophy, I could not tell prior to purchase if they were mod.  They are both modify and copy. However i was pleasantly surprised to see that in the purchase I got 9 shape possibilities.  Except for the modification of the bust to a smaller size, I have not altered the body, or face. Sophy shape -high model body (pin up) $

Pandoria - The Magic Within Mindgardens, Magic Valley
more pictures on flickr - link upper right
sYs Design - skin, Vixie, pale azure -blonde brow HB
sYs Design - hair - Majestic hat - hair blue
sYs Design - shoes - Dolls - ankle boot titanium $
sYs Design - Veba Jacket - white onion $
sYs Design - Atlas Sarouel - blue onion $
sYs Design - Pulsar soundglasses         $
so you are not misled, where there is a $ they are paid for items. I have a lot of group gifts that I have not used yet, but will.
This is a dive off into outer space - try it, animation is slow and spiraling.

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