Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sky Sculptures Gallery

We were late getting going, when the model suggested we visit an art gallery she heard of, I quickly agreed.  Sometimes it is nice to just arrive.
Believe me, I was thrilled at the variety of art sculptures there were to see and appreciate. SKY SCULPTURES GALLERY - Sculpty statues-avatars-  more pictures on flickr  There are a lot of pictures, our model worked over time so we could share with you as many pictures as we could.
Our model was wearing the new Mia Snow skin 2012, Sweety.  This location was the perfect backdrop for a Mia Snow creation. Top is 1 Hundred's sweet blouse, Jeans, Mia Snow - Sunday.  Hair & eyes, Amacci, shoes-* Pretty Ladyjewelry* Elemental, Tropical wind  ( *now on sale at Designer Showcase, but only for a few more days) and lastly, shape- Mia Snow 
We got some great pictures. designer of the build is Ub Yifu, please check this build out. You won't be disappointed.
All the characters you will see/meet in the pictures on flickr, are his.
Remember only a few more days on the items that are in the current showcase. taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE

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