Saturday, May 5, 2012


INSIDE has added a new house to their inventory.  Sicily.  This sweetheart of a house, has wonderful outdoor patio areas that add to the living space of the house. Stairs from one of the patio areas takes us up to the roof that is covered in soft grass.  There is actually a lovely deck that runs along one side of the house, that is covered in grass.  You will see pictures of this area in Flickr, but I can tell you now.  Pictures will not do this house justice, it is a must that you taxi over and see it for yourself.INSIDE inVerse - Mainstore - Houses ,Mesh Prefabs,  Sicily requires 1024 sqm or bigger. - 162 prims full furnished. Security system, remote controlled for lights, doors, windows, lights, radio etc. 500+ animations in the house.
Model is from Tameless - Teresa shape, caramel skin and eyes, she even came with her own jewelry and hairstyle.  Shoes are from TDR 2 - blue
Designer Showcase merchant MSN Designs, has given us this delightful outfit for the current showcase.  Mesh dress with tights -blue/mustard

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