Friday, May 18, 2012

Rendez vous Oz

Dressed for a night out.  Want easy listening sounds, a refined, sophisticated environment. OZ NIGHT CLUB, BAY OF BALFALAS - a place to be alone even in a crowd.  Nothing is as distracting as a venue that is loud and boorish when you want romance and closeness.  Tonight there will be a 7pm performance by Jewels Osterham, and an 8PM with Zachh Cale. 
Elegant and stylish this gown from PeKas is stunning.  This outfit is currently on sale at Designer Showcase, (PeKas Sparkling) Shape - Belleza -Erika, Skin is another item currently in the Designer showcase, Shapes by Kira -Beth, Hair is from Secrets, Elegance. Shoes, Yuja II Black -Enkythings.  eyes, Amacci - brown green. more pictures on flickr

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