Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No place to hide

Native American African & Shamanic, Four Directions Tribal The heat was stifling, thankful she had her hat to protect her eyes from the glare of the sun Lady Anna stopped to listen to the distant rumbling. A storm was brewing, she hoped she would get back to camp before it began.  How silly to have wandered off on her own.  "Perhaps I can be of assistance" startled, Lady Anna jumped, a strong arm came around and held her, "sorry didn't mean to alarm you" the voice was gruff, almost a growl the accent was so pronounced.  She recognized the voice, and knew that it wasn't by chance he happened to be here.
Skin = Amacci -Liane-nutmeg 03               Eyes- Amacci brown green
Hair - Amacci -Tracy -nagtural copper with hat
Top- G.Field Flower Top- yellow tulip
Pants - sYs Design - Atlas sarouel      Shoes - HOC Industries Yay Wedge
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