Thursday, May 3, 2012

New @ Designer Showcase May 3

New from  the following merchants -Diamond Avatar - Shila Coco, makeup 2
This makeup is a wonderful shade for a blonde who wants that sun kissed look without the orange .
Aurora Borealis - Elemental water necklace and earrings,earrings are a good size, too bad they don't show in the pictures, but you can see the detail and colour of the blue from the necklace.  Great spring/summer jewelry.
This will be one of my personal favourites for the coming season. A casual outfit from Saris creations -Maru Sky.  I will be honest, when I saw the vendor on this outfit, I had my doubts, but wearing it, it is a beauty, it falls well, it looks soft and yielding, for mesh this is a great accomplishment.  The shorts that go with it are a decent leg too.  classic cut.  legs look great, and you maintain an elegant look.  

Ilse of Shaer Thol "Beware Of Hugs" :P, Harrison - General 
Wedge Shoes - G. Field -knot wedge sandal - bronze
Hair - Wasabi Pills/Vicky Hair- Lemon Tea
Eyes - Amacci - Insight  Ice big image 

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