Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall

She was not used to being so casually ignored.  A lock of black curl tumbled down over his brow, giving him a look of a man just out of bed.  Even from this distance, she saw the stubble on his chin,. Her hand should it touch his cheek and gently trace towards his charming dimple, would feel the coarseness of his hair.  The memory of  dark brooding eyes still sent shivers along her spine.  But then, was she not the fairest in the land, she could wait, time was on her side.
Besides it was time to shop, the new Designer Showcase  beckoned.
Isis City - Siren, moderate  location of the shoot.
The wonderful pearls by Bonita Jewelry, were the icing on the cake, the outfit is from Pekas - Evony and Ivory, shoes, Gibby from Lindy, all part of the current Designer Showcase.
more pictures on Flickr - link upper right
taxi to Designer Showcase
Shape - R.Icielli -Abigail
Skin -Style by Kira - Stefani  01B EC
Eyes - Mayfly - deep emerald
Makeup - Face Paint - goth with silver shadow
Hair - A&A Pirella dark copper
AO - Vista urban sexy chic

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