Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Magic moments

Of course there is magic in the air when one is "in love", but this magic can happen at anytime and at any place.  Whispers Magic & Hammerfla's Sunset Rendezvous, Whispers Magic  Cherry blossoms are fragrant soft and fragile as they open up into the sun drenched skies.  When I look out my office window that is what I see. When I was visiting Eluzion the other day, I spied a dress I really wanted.  Yesterday I got to try it on, Eluzion Rayssa.  Eluzion is a Designer Showcase merchant, and like many in the Designer Showcase they offer a number of different products in their shops.  What you have when you shop at the Designer Showcase is the ability to try a quality item at an introductory price.
Rayssa is a free flowing dress, the springtime theme & colours come together in a delicate pattern that is enchanting,  The castle was my playground, I felt like a princess . It was just a matter of time, my prince charming would come and whisk me off my feet.  Rayssa is a dream of a dress. (there is dancing at the palace in Whispers)

Shape -Twily-Goddess -           Skin -SYS Zombie Suicide - April
Eyes - Mayfly -deep sky - deep emerald         Hair -Ploom - Candy
Shoes - G. Field  - Fiona Marguerite bracelet comes with the shoes (flickr)
Outfit - Eluzion - Rayssa   Earrings - Eluzion
More pictures on Flickr -link upper right 

Designer Showcase is put together by owner Aisha Convair, every thought is towards introducing you to the newest and best.  Choices to help you build
the dream wardrobe for YOU.

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