Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lost lighthouse

Lost Lighthouse - El Rayo Verde -, Despume Island  Shading her eyes, she looked out over the water.  There was no boat, no sign that he had ever been here.  A glutton for  punishment, she climbed the steps towards the upper balcony.  Her heart heard the laughter they had shared as he had chased her up the steps that summer day. Their time had been so intense, how had she missed the moment his attention had drifted away.
Shape -Twily- Purity               * Skin - Diamond Avatar - Shilo Coco
Eyes- Amacci- Emerald            * Hair Amacci - Emita - Vanilla blond
Shoes - Lindy - Terri CC           * Saris Creation - SS Mila
Jewelry * Bonita Jewelry - Persnickity
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