Sunday, May 13, 2012

Little girls grow up -INSIDE - Little Italy

She wasn't daddy's little girl anymore, didn't she just buy her very first house.
Walking from room to room, she felt such a sense of pride.  She still had a lot of furniture to buy, but she had the essentials.  Her footsteps echoed as she walked across the specially picked Italian tiles.  Funny how the tiles brought to mind the man who had helped her choose them. She still remembered how his closeness had  stirred little flames of desire in the pit of  her stomach. His aftershave was subtle but inviting his eyes promising.  She knew  from the way he looked at her, that given the opening, he would invite her out. the chemistry had been there. Hmm, he had been so helpful, maybe she should invite him to her house warming.  The little voice inside her head said "naughty, naughty"
Skin-Quarantine - Iris Porcelain   Shape-Blah, Moderna     Eyes-Redgrave-sage
Make up- Diabolica Eyeshadow 2/red- **Stars      Hair- Vive nine - arbre in Heidi   Shoes, top, Skirt - PurpleMoon (mesh)      Bangels- Pink flowers- **Style by Kira  (** Designer Showcase )
There will be more pictures on Flickr - link upper right.
This delightful (skybox) home is a perfect started house .  30 x 15 meters
512 sqm or bigger.        101 prims fully furnished, or 50 prims unfurnished
2 floors, remote control, security system, cw 500 HQ animations copy/mod

INSIDE inVerse - Mainstore - Houses ,Mesh Prefabs, Sculpties, Recouster

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