Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lady Carrie comes to tea

Brody Castle in the Highlands of Scotland  Getting out of the car, she couldn't help but think of the last time she'd been at the castle.  Well things would be different now, and she meant to claim what was hers.  As she began her walk up the time worn steps, she saw the Ian had already arrived, the small jet ranger was parked on the helipad. Off in the distance she saw the familiar snow capped mountains and smiled.  Yes this had to be one of the most beautiful  places in the world.
From the window he watched her approach, her long hair gently framing her face was being tousled by the breeze.  He noted that her natural beauty wasn't being ruined by make up she didn't need.  She was wearing the heirloom ruby choker he'd given her on their anniversary, and to his pleasant surprise she also wore the ring. Her simple gown was elegant and of the latest fashion, the colour dark enough to show off her soft feminine healthy glow.  Her skin was still as smooth and young looking as when they had first met.  Why had she come, and why now.
Inverness City and Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands,
Gown - Kina Maxi by** Snowpaws,       Hair**-Amacci-Emita-vanilla
Eyes- Mayfly- Deep sky-London fog       Shoes- SLink- black wedge suede wrap
Skin**- Gloria milk,1 from Step InSide      Shape - Amacci - Lexie tall
Jewelry - Fulo- Regina II earrings,choker,ring
**items now on sale DESIGNER SHOWCASE  more pictures on flickr -link upper right

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