Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kingdom of Sand

Kingdom of Sand (SGS) MMORPG action roleplay GA  In changing computers, I managed to also loose programs that won't fit in with the new configuration, that lead to loss of pictures.  I didn't want much more time to go by without showing you a couple of the new items in the Designer showcase.  The model was captured here wearing hair from Bizarre that is sculpted on top like an elephant, truly different.  Her top is from Sassy and as always, it rocks, it is suitably called Rock me in ivory.
She has teamed this top with the sexiest farmers pants I've ever seen from Siss Boom.  Both of these items are in the current Designer Showcase.  Limo on down toDesigner Showcase
Skin-Style by Kira     eyes - Mayfly   Boots --Ala Folie

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