Tuesday, May 29, 2012

INVERSE - landscaping, waterfalls and....

inVerse - Landscaping, Waterfalls, Palms, Trees, Stones, Waves, and  taxi to the actual location.  the Landscaping area can be reached from a TP from the main store.
This is the Marketplace url.  INSIDE
Today I got to feel a bit like Cinderella, well kind of.  I decided I wanted to blog one of the wonderful homes from Inside.  I've been eyeing the above home for some time.  It is called Absolute Summer, this two storey house has the clean lines that I so like in a build. 30x37 (1024 sqm or more)  100 prims.  I had just entered the house when a voice called out to me.  It was Prince Charming inviting me to see a new sim that features landscaping, a new division of INSIDE.  You have to know that this Italian Prince I'd follow anywhere.  To my delight, he took me into a wonderland of green lush vegetation, waterfalls, magnificent rock formations and crystal blue water with foaming winter white waves.
Everything you see that is for sale is clearly  identified, you can purchase modify/transfer  or  copy/modify.  Darling readers, you won't believe the cost, outrageously affordable.  This next picture was my favourite surprise, I truly felt like I was in an enchanted location.
I could imagine myself inside the cave, it was so peaceful, the waves were rolling in, a lulling soothing visual. in the gigantic boulders off in the distance
I could see the roaring water cascading over and imagine the birds flying overhead.
The INISDE/INVERSE team have given you the tools to build your own ambiance, you have no reason not to have the home of your dreams in the setting you want.  more pictures on flickr.  Low prim,. good prices, excellent customer service.

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