Tuesday, May 8, 2012

House hunting

It is hard to decide when looking for a house, practical, romantic, location plays a big part of what kind of house will become a home.Since starting with INSIDE
I am finding that I can easily adapt when faced with a home that is tastefully furnished.  Bright, lots of windows and spacious, even for a small footprint.
Open is the house that I visited last night.  It is copy, modify, no transfer.
16x32 (512 sqm or bigger) 104 prims full furnished.  That number of prims is based on what is in the house when you visit it.INSIDE inVerse - Mainstore - Houses ,Mesh Prefabs
This was a room that I found very inviting, downstairs is nice too, but this is where I wanted to spend my time.. There certainly is room downstairs for entertaining. more pictures on flickr
Dress for comfort, when looking at houses, you want to be comfortable.  Outfit is from Designer Showcase merchant -Java Fashion Designs

This outfit is on sale now in the current round of the 
Designer Showcase

INSIDE has a building for all your needs, check them out today.

pictures on flickr

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