Tuesday, May 8, 2012

FaMESHed- grand opening

Mesh is here to stay.  visited the  FaMESHed ~ Grand Opening! ::: : so far my personal preference is flexi hair, I like the messy tousled look it can give.  Slowly I'm being wooed by some of the designs that are coming out in mesh.  How they will actually move with our avatars as we go about our daily business, well that is to be seen isn't it.  How realistic will it be when you throw yourself into your partners arms, or are doing a passionate tango on the dance floor?
That aside some of the clothes are absolutely gorgeous.  You really MUST try the dresses on, there are demos there, try the outfit, in the picture you will see our model wearing the dress that is hanging on the Valentina E. display.  She still has her jeans on from yesterdays shoot.

Cracked Mirror has jeans on display standard sizing.  Our model has worn this product and finds they are a good fit, however, she has a body that could be very different from yours, try the Demos that are offered.  We picked up the demos to try later, and made sure we'd LM'd the place.  Do your homework, mesh is still new enough that when you purchase you want to make sure that what you bring home fits you the way you want it to.
I liked the Marshmallow sofa and a few of the other furniture pieces there, 
there will be pictures on flickr.  Both seating pieces came with animations. Fun!

The Marshmallow sofa had the most, if I had the place for it, it would have come home with me.
Model is still wearing the jeans from yesterday's Java Fashion Designs, on sale at Designer Showcase, Skin is Diamond Avatar, Eyes - Style by Kira, again merchants from the Designer Showcase.

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