Monday, May 7, 2012

Doctors without Borders

Doctors without Borders is a very worthwhile cause.   spent this morning(before and after gym) visiting Culture shock 2012 to see what was being offered there. Culture Shock 2012 - PLEASE DETACH SCRIPTS <3, CHIC - Moderate  Find items where 100% of the profit goes to Medecins sans Frontieres, Some dealers have more than one product being offered, often then they are 50% of the profit to Medecins sans frontieres.  There are even homes on sale, there is one from Funky Junk that looks like a little hacienda, 50% off.220 prims without a garden, 290 prims with a garden. 32 x 23.

As a professional in the field, i wasn't going to miss the Pose/animation merchants at the show, it is always great to see what is new there. a couple of great pose packs from Atooly.  DelMay was there too.  I saw a three layered skirt from Philo that kept me debating for a bit.  I will have to go back, there is a lot to see. Oh DCNY got me... I bought their Tuxedo dress 100% going to MSF

Fellow pose junkies, Glitterati has a new cube, 10 poses, I wasn't dressed to try it properly myself, but I can see the potential, there re demo boxes for you to trial.  Hair from Ploom  I got was 50%  profit to Medecins sans frontiere, I'm shopping but still feel like I'm  giving to a cause I believe in.  Make a difference
visit Culture Shock 2012, look around, there is a lot to see.  Ploom poses they have their 1 work out at the show, includes the props. time to get ready for those bikinis ladies.  Your man loves to see you working out too.. bonus ^^
Purple Poses has sets of poses for $100,  along with a couple pose with 100% $ going to  Doctors without Borders. Lag was very bad, I crashed a number of times, however, I believe it is worth the time to visit and experience the show.
My outfit today is from Ala Folie (top and skirt), Hair booN, Shoes SLink
Shape Tameless -bracelets - Tameless  Pendant Dark Mouse, Skin Style by Kira - face paint -makeup
I apologize to the vendors ahead of time-lag was so bad that I took a picture or two of their vendors to show you what I was buying or talking about.  Pictures are on flickr -link upper right

When you've finished looking around, need to rest your lag weary body, come down to Designer Showcase, sit, rest, look around and enjoy the many treats set out by our regular DS vendors.

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