Monday, May 28, 2012

Dear Diary

His touch was electric, as his finger traced along my cheek, I wanted to push his hand away.  I couldn't, I sat as still as stone.  Every sense was focused on his touch.  It was lazy, it lingered, it reminded me of the times I'd set my mind to putting Lacy my big Persian at ease before taking her to the Vet. His touch was practiced, his moves, his words were like a dance.  Unbidden my body was responding, his fingers tilted my face up to his, and I knew, even with my eyes closed, that his would be open, like the hunter, he would be watching every muscle movement in my face.  Already his radar would have picked up the heat of my body's responses to his nearness.  I heard my inner voice, "he's good, but I'm still on the tarmac waiting for contact" that was my brain... I knew that once again, I had a choice to make.  a physical connection is so fleeting, no matter how intense. 
We desire many things, objects, emotional & physical fulfillment, these needs change as we progress along the path of life.   We owe ourselves the gratification of our desires when we can obtain them, however, for every action there is a reaction. It is time and experience that gives us the tools to
gather the information we need to make healthy and productive decisions that give us lasting joys.
What triggered this entry, a 1957 black Chevrolet.
FIN *Relive the fifties* 1950 SIM, Jet Lag  the sounds of Radio Bop.
Outfit - Icing - Sunday Afternoon            Hair - curio - Betty Boop
Shape - twily - Purity               Jewelry - N@N@ - Michelle
Shoes - enkythings - Yuja II snake blue        Eyes - Amacci - Sapphire 1 big
Skin - Style by Kira- Beth skin 01F

Last change for items in the DESIGNER SHOWCASE, new items will be out
May 30. after 1pm.SL. link to DESIGNER SHOWCASE
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