Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Deadwood City

Deadwood City Wild West Roleplay  Clara landed with a thud, a very unladylike entrance to new surroundings.  Standing she quickly brushed her outfit, righted her hat and tried to look as if she belonged.  A gentleman walking towards her tipped his hat, to her dismay, he winked.  Offering his arm, he leaned forward so his words were only for her "play along" and louder for the few who were watching, "Sorry I was delayed, shall we proceed to tea".  Before she could reply, she found herself being gently guided towards the tea room. She felt the warm blush rising to her cheeks, grateful for the rescue, she tried to think of what to say.  Seating her at a table for two in the corner of the tea room, he smiled his  dark eyes twinkling with merriment, "do you think we fooled them?"
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Amacci -ao, skin Liane, eyes, makeup     Hair - Mons -Grenade - brown
outfit - Wunderlick Duchess Victory Gold Rococo

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