Friday, May 11, 2012

Cherry pink & apple blossoms white

Designer Showcase merchants - Style by Kira  shape- Julia,   Skin- Diamond Avatar - Shilo Coco are wearing the Pretty lady  outfit - Avalon cherries     Hair is from Love soul, Hair #117 strawberry    Eyes- Mayfly - Deep sky Mesh D. Forest        Shoes - R2 Mana white - shoot on location Chiwana's Cove, Crow - Moderate,    I used Diamond Avatar skin before, I hope you can see that by mxing the base shape eyes, and hair, we get a different look, while retaining the a look that says "this is me"

Interesting discussion with a male designer was a bit of an eye opener for me, a different perspective if you will.  I am a shape changer, many of us are, we love new shapes, face makeups, eyes. it is part of derssing up.  From the male perspective it is't necessarily like that.  Their face is their face.  I was trying to get a male model, for wedding pictures yesterday.  Recruiting models dear readers isn't always a walk in the park.  I learned that even here in SL, men don't really want to be seen in a wedding photo, model or not. this writer found this velly velly interesting indeed.  Ok I digress, here are the photos from the shoot.  for more see flickr
Taxi to Designer Showcase

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