Friday, May 18, 2012

Blue Moon

Once upon a fairy tale, a beautiful princess from the land of Mystical Dreams, looked up into the night and fell  instantly in love with the moon high above.
"oh"she cried, "stars above, please send him my  love":  The man of the moon, heard her cry, for her voice soft and pure, carried through the velvet ebony of  the sky. Like a whisper her love caressed his ears.  He knew they could never really meet, and his heart began to turn a shade of blue.  Sadly he sent a moon beam down and wrapped  her in its a gentle hue of blue. The Princess knew the love was true, always in blue, she can be heard singing, "I will always love you". 
Blue Moon, heart - Moderate
DESIGNER SHOWCASE  current round - Skin by Kira - Beth  01F
Hair-Tukinowaguma-Kristin- Copper blue       Shoes  R2 Mele -turquoise blue
Eyes - Amacci -brown green              Shape -Belleza -Erika 1
Outfit - PurpleMoon - Ninde -light blue
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