Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another wedding

On the calendar she'd circled the date remembering when she did so, she thought that she herself would be the bride. She hadn't seen it coming, hadn't noticed that her best friend was always just a little too friendly with Matt.  Nor had she noticed that they were often off on their own, golfing, or at some show that she was too busy to attend. At the time she'd been happy that her best friend and soon to be husband were getting to know each other.  Now, well, they were getting married, and she was nursing a broken heart.
Bay of Balfalas, BAY OF BALFALAS - Moderate
Shape -Twily -goddess                Skin-WOW-  Tori Turquise cl
Eyes - Amacci- Sappphire 2 big     Shoes - G. Field  -Floria-marguerite
Hair - Dura - Girl 27 Platinum       Jewelry - Elemental -Audrey set,aqua
Outfit - Ivalde - Verun,white
This parkland was lovely, with several different areas to enjoy.  If you have the time, visit while there is entertainment happening.  Certainly romantic.
Home of two live music venues - The Glass Pavilion@Calas and "OZ" nightclub. (formal attire)     for park rules and landmarks.

Elemental- Audrey set on sale at DS now - Designer showcase

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