Thursday, May 31, 2012

Amaretto Breedable Horse

LOL I've discovered that trying to make friends with a horse isn't easy.  They don't stand still, nor are they interested in having their pictures taken.  If I stood very still, they would come to me, however, by the time I would the camera positioned, the beauty was gone or had given me their rear end.  Perhaps to them it is their best end.  what lovely beasts they are!  My first experience with so many horses was with my friend Kira who many of you know as the owner and designer for Style by Kira.  What you may not know is she is  experienced and knowledgeable on horses.
Today I was visiting Casa Grande, Tombstone Sonoran Desert  the horses I was trying to work with were Amaretto breedable horses.
The two featured items today are new in the Designer Showcase.  
Skin - style by Kira - Serenity skin 01H
Outfit - Bubble's Design Ava 50's
Hair - Ploom-London-Candy comes with a colour hud that allows for a number of colour combinations.  A really great buy for your linden.
Shoes [bubble] by Moonbubble -
Taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE        more pictures on flickr

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