Thursday, May 31, 2012

Amaretto Breedable Horse

LOL I've discovered that trying to make friends with a horse isn't easy.  They don't stand still, nor are they interested in having their pictures taken.  If I stood very still, they would come to me, however, by the time I would the camera positioned, the beauty was gone or had given me their rear end.  Perhaps to them it is their best end.  what lovely beasts they are!  My first experience with so many horses was with my friend Kira who many of you know as the owner and designer for Style by Kira.  What you may not know is she is  experienced and knowledgeable on horses.
Today I was visiting Casa Grande, Tombstone Sonoran Desert  the horses I was trying to work with were Amaretto breedable horses.
The two featured items today are new in the Designer Showcase.  
Skin - style by Kira - Serenity skin 01H
Outfit - Bubble's Design Ava 50's
Hair - Ploom-London-Candy comes with a colour hud that allows for a number of colour combinations.  A really great buy for your linden.
Shoes [bubble] by Moonbubble -
Taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE        more pictures on flickr

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

INVERSE - landscaping, waterfalls and....

inVerse - Landscaping, Waterfalls, Palms, Trees, Stones, Waves, and  taxi to the actual location.  the Landscaping area can be reached from a TP from the main store.
This is the Marketplace url.  INSIDE
Today I got to feel a bit like Cinderella, well kind of.  I decided I wanted to blog one of the wonderful homes from Inside.  I've been eyeing the above home for some time.  It is called Absolute Summer, this two storey house has the clean lines that I so like in a build. 30x37 (1024 sqm or more)  100 prims.  I had just entered the house when a voice called out to me.  It was Prince Charming inviting me to see a new sim that features landscaping, a new division of INSIDE.  You have to know that this Italian Prince I'd follow anywhere.  To my delight, he took me into a wonderland of green lush vegetation, waterfalls, magnificent rock formations and crystal blue water with foaming winter white waves.
Everything you see that is for sale is clearly  identified, you can purchase modify/transfer  or  copy/modify.  Darling readers, you won't believe the cost, outrageously affordable.  This next picture was my favourite surprise, I truly felt like I was in an enchanted location.
I could imagine myself inside the cave, it was so peaceful, the waves were rolling in, a lulling soothing visual. in the gigantic boulders off in the distance
I could see the roaring water cascading over and imagine the birds flying overhead.
The INISDE/INVERSE team have given you the tools to build your own ambiance, you have no reason not to have the home of your dreams in the setting you want.  more pictures on flickr.  Low prim,. good prices, excellent customer service.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dear Diary

His touch was electric, as his finger traced along my cheek, I wanted to push his hand away.  I couldn't, I sat as still as stone.  Every sense was focused on his touch.  It was lazy, it lingered, it reminded me of the times I'd set my mind to putting Lacy my big Persian at ease before taking her to the Vet. His touch was practiced, his moves, his words were like a dance.  Unbidden my body was responding, his fingers tilted my face up to his, and I knew, even with my eyes closed, that his would be open, like the hunter, he would be watching every muscle movement in my face.  Already his radar would have picked up the heat of my body's responses to his nearness.  I heard my inner voice, "he's good, but I'm still on the tarmac waiting for contact" that was my brain... I knew that once again, I had a choice to make.  a physical connection is so fleeting, no matter how intense. 
We desire many things, objects, emotional & physical fulfillment, these needs change as we progress along the path of life.   We owe ourselves the gratification of our desires when we can obtain them, however, for every action there is a reaction. It is time and experience that gives us the tools to
gather the information we need to make healthy and productive decisions that give us lasting joys.
What triggered this entry, a 1957 black Chevrolet.
FIN *Relive the fifties* 1950 SIM, Jet Lag  the sounds of Radio Bop.
Outfit - Icing - Sunday Afternoon            Hair - curio - Betty Boop
Shape - twily - Purity               Jewelry - N@N@ - Michelle
Shoes - enkythings - Yuja II snake blue        Eyes - Amacci - Sapphire 1 big
Skin - Style by Kira- Beth skin 01F

Last change for items in the DESIGNER SHOWCASE, new items will be out
May 30. after 1pm.SL. link to DESIGNER SHOWCASE
more pictures on flickr

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sky Sculptures Gallery

We were late getting going, when the model suggested we visit an art gallery she heard of, I quickly agreed.  Sometimes it is nice to just arrive.
Believe me, I was thrilled at the variety of art sculptures there were to see and appreciate. SKY SCULPTURES GALLERY - Sculpty statues-avatars-  more pictures on flickr  There are a lot of pictures, our model worked over time so we could share with you as many pictures as we could.
Our model was wearing the new Mia Snow skin 2012, Sweety.  This location was the perfect backdrop for a Mia Snow creation. Top is 1 Hundred's sweet blouse, Jeans, Mia Snow - Sunday.  Hair & eyes, Amacci, shoes-* Pretty Ladyjewelry* Elemental, Tropical wind  ( *now on sale at Designer Showcase, but only for a few more days) and lastly, shape- Mia Snow 
We got some great pictures. designer of the build is Ub Yifu, please check this build out. You won't be disappointed.
All the characters you will see/meet in the pictures on flickr, are his.
Remember only a few more days on the items that are in the current showcase. taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fake a flawless face?

No way Jose!  A Designer Showcase woman knows about having that "flawless" look, she wears Style by Kira.  Style by Kira, has shapes, &  skins. There is always a skin on sale in the Designer Showcase.  If I'm not mistaken there is a Style by Kira skin group gift happening right now, if you have't collected it yet, what are you waiting for. Model is wearing Style by Kira, eyes, shape and skin.
FAE VARRIALE: LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES, I never cease to be amazed at the creativity I find in SL.  more pictures will be on flickr
Outfit - Java Fashion - Inside Heaven   Designer Showcase
Jewelry - Elemental tropical wind         Designer Showcase
Shoes- Dorian - Pretty Lady                 Designer Showcases
Hair - Truth - Jessie with roots - champagne
Explore, take advantage of the wealth of creativity we have here in SL.. @ the Designer Showcase we can help you dress for any occasion.

sYs Design

[sYs] Design - Cyber & Fashion : Clothes , Skin & Accessories   I am reading a book that was suggested to me by a dear friend here in SL. She passed me a note card with information about the author John Norman and suggested I might find it an interesting story.  The story begins with a young man who finds himself on an other planet. I am of course simplifying it, I mention it only because when I wandered over to sYs Design, I felt immediately as if I had landed on different planet.  It is so well laid out, every detail is designed to create a feeling and mood.  It took me a moment to realize that I was surrounded by the gifts this shop offers it's group members.   There is a cost to join this group.  When you see the gifts offered,  you will likely decide that it is a good investment.  You land in a central court, the various divisions of the store are well identified on the floor map at your feet.  The ambient music is futuristic without being in your face, and at a level that it allows you to think and take in all of what you are seeing.  Clean spacious and uncluttered, if this genre is for you, then this is a MUST when on a shopping expedition.
Wanting to do this blog with all sYs components, I went back and bought a shape.  In all the goodies I acquired earlier today, there wasn't a shape, and in my own shopping I neglected to get one.  $450 for Sophy, I could not tell prior to purchase if they were mod.  They are both modify and copy. However i was pleasantly surprised to see that in the purchase I got 9 shape possibilities.  Except for the modification of the bust to a smaller size, I have not altered the body, or face. Sophy shape -high model body (pin up) $

Pandoria - The Magic Within Mindgardens, Magic Valley
more pictures on flickr - link upper right
sYs Design - skin, Vixie, pale azure -blonde brow HB
sYs Design - hair - Majestic hat - hair blue
sYs Design - shoes - Dolls - ankle boot titanium $
sYs Design - Veba Jacket - white onion $
sYs Design - Atlas Sarouel - blue onion $
sYs Design - Pulsar soundglasses         $
so you are not misled, where there is a $ they are paid for items. I have a lot of group gifts that I have not used yet, but will.
This is a dive off into outer space - try it, animation is slow and spiraling.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

time to chill

Yay.. a night just to chill. No meetings, nothing to do but catch up on some R&R. Time to turn on the sounds and groove to the tunes. Unwind. The perfect way to reconnect with the body, is to dance.
Skin-Tameless - Eyes - Redgrave  - AO- Amacci-Posh      Hair - Exile-Dandy
Outfit -ALB - Sally (mesh)     Jewelry is from Designer Showcase merchant
Aurora Borealis- Daisy, in the current showcase, don't miss getting it, perfect adornment for that pretty neck of yours. 
Dancing and chillin' perfect way to spend the night.  Take back your quiet zone.. Let your mind take you places you've never been before.. Explore.
Pillows are from animations by  Pillow Talk
Rest =^_^=  then shop some more!  taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Deadwood City

Deadwood City Wild West Roleplay  Clara landed with a thud, a very unladylike entrance to new surroundings.  Standing she quickly brushed her outfit, righted her hat and tried to look as if she belonged.  A gentleman walking towards her tipped his hat, to her dismay, he winked.  Offering his arm, he leaned forward so his words were only for her "play along" and louder for the few who were watching, "Sorry I was delayed, shall we proceed to tea".  Before she could reply, she found herself being gently guided towards the tea room. She felt the warm blush rising to her cheeks, grateful for the rescue, she tried to think of what to say.  Seating her at a table for two in the corner of the tea room, he smiled his  dark eyes twinkling with merriment, "do you think we fooled them?"
more pictures on flickr
Amacci -ao, skin Liane, eyes, makeup     Hair - Mons -Grenade - brown
outfit - Wunderlick Duchess Victory Gold Rococo

For a shopping experience with  a happy ending visit Designer Showcase

Inside the box

Inside the box, outside the box, what colour goes with what, how many questions do we face in one day.  Today was easy peasy, it was an Amacci and Java day, both merchants of the DESIGNER SHOWCASE
Questions keep life interesting, however, thinking outside the box, means we never give up, we always find a way.
When you need or want to build on your wardrobe, always check out what is new in the Designer Showcase.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No place to hide

Native American African & Shamanic, Four Directions Tribal The heat was stifling, thankful she had her hat to protect her eyes from the glare of the sun Lady Anna stopped to listen to the distant rumbling. A storm was brewing, she hoped she would get back to camp before it began.  How silly to have wandered off on her own.  "Perhaps I can be of assistance" startled, Lady Anna jumped, a strong arm came around and held her, "sorry didn't mean to alarm you" the voice was gruff, almost a growl the accent was so pronounced.  She recognized the voice, and knew that it wasn't by chance he happened to be here.
Skin = Amacci -Liane-nutmeg 03               Eyes- Amacci brown green
Hair - Amacci -Tracy -nagtural copper with hat
Top- G.Field Flower Top- yellow tulip
Pants - sYs Design - Atlas sarouel      Shoes - HOC Industries Yay Wedge
Don't forget to check out the latest showcase - DESIGNER SHOWCASE


We live in an age where almost anything is possible. Certainly the 3D world that we can explore at our leisure allow the mind to explore dimensions of thought that previously were not as readily available.  I actually got to see a reproduction of the comet Hartley 2, imaged by the Epoxi Mission back on 4th November 2010. (see pictures in flickr)  There is so much to see and explore that you will need to either plan for an extended visit, or go several times.
Exploratorium, Exploratorium - General

Shape -Mui super model              **  Skin -Style by Kira - Beth
Eyes and Makeup -** Christine from Stars        Hair KiK Nina Dark
Boots - G. Field    Outfit ** MSN Design mesh ruffle - Seda blouse, yellow
Pants - Izzie's black leather      Jewelry - Bonita Jewelry red tangled necklace
Items marked ** available now at DESIGNER SHOWCASE 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Meet Christine

I don't often do this, but I wanted you to see just what is being offered to you from Stars.  Designer Alanna DuPont has  given you in this round of the Designer showcase, a shape, several options of makeups and a skin.  Oh yes and a lovely pair of blue eyes.  Perfect for the summer tan, and the sun streaked/bleached hair that is so popular during the summer months.  She gives you the design card for the hair that she uses from Truth with the package.  I let our model pick out what she wanted to wear. She picked  Christine skin 2 cleavage, and the shadow 6, Ohhhh nice.  She has added shadow 3 along with the eyelashes themselves that come in the package.  So for the Designer Showcase price, you are getting the shape, 5 skins,6 make ups, eyes and lashes. AND I saw there is a bra and underpants in there too.
In this picture, model is wearing Saris Creations -SS Kiri -Jewelry is Bonita Jewelry      ,Amacci -hair  Emita **     merchants from Designer Showcase
model liked this new outfit from Artic Storm, this too is currently available in the new round at DESIGNER SHOWCASE
Shoes are from Pretty Lady -Nora- colour change hud
pictures on flickr

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lost lighthouse

Lost Lighthouse - El Rayo Verde -, Despume Island  Shading her eyes, she looked out over the water.  There was no boat, no sign that he had ever been here.  A glutton for  punishment, she climbed the steps towards the upper balcony.  Her heart heard the laughter they had shared as he had chased her up the steps that summer day. Their time had been so intense, how had she missed the moment his attention had drifted away.
Shape -Twily- Purity               * Skin - Diamond Avatar - Shilo Coco
Eyes- Amacci- Emerald            * Hair Amacci - Emita - Vanilla blond
Shoes - Lindy - Terri CC           * Saris Creation - SS Mila
Jewelry * Bonita Jewelry - Persnickity
more pictures on flickr

The call

Virtual Harlem Train Station, Virtual Harlem (208, 61, 30) - Moderate  Sometimes, a phone call can be unnerving.  You know you want to call, but that little voice inside your head nags you. Often it is our egos that stop us from making a call that could change our lives.  If you make that call, it puts the ball back in someone else's court. Be true to yourself.
Jewelry-Bonita Jewelry                       Shoes- G. Field  Little diva flats
Eyes- Amacci -Emerald eyes                Skin - Style by Kira - Beth
Outfit -Pretty Lady, Kendall (mesh)
both Skin and the Pretty Lady outfit on sale now at DESIGNER SHOWCASE
see flickr for more pictures

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blue Moon

Once upon a fairy tale, a beautiful princess from the land of Mystical Dreams, looked up into the night and fell  instantly in love with the moon high above.
"oh"she cried, "stars above, please send him my  love":  The man of the moon, heard her cry, for her voice soft and pure, carried through the velvet ebony of  the sky. Like a whisper her love caressed his ears.  He knew they could never really meet, and his heart began to turn a shade of blue.  Sadly he sent a moon beam down and wrapped  her in its a gentle hue of blue. The Princess knew the love was true, always in blue, she can be heard singing, "I will always love you". 
Blue Moon, heart - Moderate
DESIGNER SHOWCASE  current round - Skin by Kira - Beth  01F
Hair-Tukinowaguma-Kristin- Copper blue       Shoes  R2 Mele -turquoise blue
Eyes - Amacci -brown green              Shape -Belleza -Erika 1
Outfit - PurpleMoon - Ninde -light blue
more pictures on Flickr

Rendez vous Oz

Dressed for a night out.  Want easy listening sounds, a refined, sophisticated environment. OZ NIGHT CLUB, BAY OF BALFALAS - a place to be alone even in a crowd.  Nothing is as distracting as a venue that is loud and boorish when you want romance and closeness.  Tonight there will be a 7pm performance by Jewels Osterham, and an 8PM with Zachh Cale. 
Elegant and stylish this gown from PeKas is stunning.  This outfit is currently on sale at Designer Showcase, (PeKas Sparkling) Shape - Belleza -Erika, Skin is another item currently in the Designer showcase, Shapes by Kira -Beth, Hair is from Secrets, Elegance. Shoes, Yuja II Black -Enkythings.  eyes, Amacci - brown green. more pictures on flickr

a hair day

When asked what she did on her day off, one of our models looked at me with a look that suggested I was missing some gray matter.  "Shop of course" One of her favourite Designer Showcase merchants is Amacci.  I tagged along while she had her hair done Amacci - Tess - Henna. We discovered that the outside area of Amacci is set up for a picnic, in fact we took advantage of the open grounds and enjoyed the day. Model is wearing Fashion Monkey Boutique's Vintage black top and florall pants.  This outfit is currently on sale in the current round at DESIGNER SHOWCASE , To visit Amacci to tour and enjoy the selection of merchandise -*Amacci * Eyes, Hair, Skin, Shapes & Makeup, Poses & Animation, ** don't forget to check out the Amacci hair on sale at Designer Showcase,  fave pack Emita.  value for your $
Designer Showcase is where you will get to know some of the best designers in Second Life.  Twice a month they offer up from their stores an item for you to grab up and experience.  This latest round has a great choice of skins and shapes not to mention the fabulous fashion pieces, just in time for the changing season.
Our models are more than just pretty faces. =^_^=
flickr link, upper right
Earrings are from Eluzion -Yessenia -red
Shoes - ISON - color block prism pump - white
AO - Amacci Ladylike -  Eyes - Amacci - fudge
Skin - Dekade- Bardot-Vivenne Tan * on sale till Sunday, check previous blog for taxi.

Wonder woman

Planet of Taris / Furious Star Wars Avatars, The Outer Rim - Career woman by day, housekeeper at home, always a Mother, agh there were times she had to wonder if there was any time just for her.  Her friends called her "wonder woman" they claimed she just  never stopped. Sigh, if only they knew. With one quick glance to make sure everyone was settled in, she flew out the door. Next stop,Taris.  Chuckling she took to the skies and the magic of the night.
Shape- Twily - Purity              Skin- Dekade-Bardot-Vivienne Tan  04 1
Hair - Amacci - Emita- Coffee       Outfit - Eluzion -Lia Gold  c/w footwear
*** hair and outfit on sale now at DESIGNER SHOWCASE
***  Dekade skin sale on till Sunday  [dekade] female & male skins, Dekade

Thursday, May 17, 2012

ultra violet

Photon's Castle - fantasy adventure park, Photon Pinks -  If the dress were any tighter, she'd stop breathing.  It was worth the torture, all eyes were on her.  Her long legs looked even longer with the new shoes she got from Magnifico. They were brilliant, they were modern, yet comfortable, how cool was that! She knew that her hair pulled away from her face showed off her exotic colouring.  "look and drool" she thought and she paraded down the ramp. The outfit she was wearing was cleverly designed to show her every move.  The colour a metallic shade of violet was unlike any other colour in the show.  She had the starring role.  The zipper in the back of the dress shouted,to be pulled down.  Definitely a dress she'd  have to claim at the end of the show.
Shape - Twily -Purity              Skin-Dekade -Garbo-Iman mahagony EB 01 #5
Eyes - Amacci Fudge              Hair - A&A silvio       Shoes -Magnifico -  Chiave
Outfit - Argot - Mini Mademoiselle, ultra violet, on sale now at DESIGNER SHOWCASE       more pictures on flickr
NB Dekade is closing, sale ends on Sunday [dekade] female & male skins, Dekade

Run around Sue

Runaround Sue's 50's 60's Sock Hop Rock n Roll, Five Sisters  Our little Barbie model had a blast today.  She was in her glory.  Dancing and shaking her booty to the rocking tunes of the rock and roll era. The outfit today is from Jazmyn Design - Spring Fling. comes with the nice belt around the waist.  Shoes are from Lindy, Kymmie CC. These shoes are a favourite in my inventory because they are versatile.  The colour changing hud gives a ton of options. Jewelry is from Bonita Jewelry, Antique light heart 2 bead necklace and bracelet. These are Designer Showcase merchants, the outfit is on sale in the newest round of the Designer showcase.
Shape - Twily Purity          Skin - HUSH Marin Rainbow     Eyes - Amacci -winter        Hair - Exile -She loves you-Flash
Take your time and visit this fun build, there are a couple of shops worth dropping in on too.  Meet the siamese. =^_^=
more pictures on flickr..  Taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Golf anyone

Tee off wasn't for another  couple of hours, plenty of time to look around.  He had not intended to get there so early, but... a cancelled meeting gave him extra time. New to the area, he thought to take his time and just enjoy the day. The destination was not what he expected. Golf @ Cheeky Cow Golf Club - 18 hole Championship golf course  "".This is the most beautiful  Golf Course in SL!  It  also has a Walkabout and Horse back riding.  Join their group to be able to enter golf tournaments and win awards.  Pop into the tavern next to 18 ....  you may need a drink before you play this challenging course!  We also have a chipping area for practicing your golf. ... .So Mooooozy on down! ;)  Be sure to check out our Pro Shop - we now have shoes, caps & more!""
This handsome shirt is from Rispetto Designs, jeans come with the outfit, plus there is the option of shirt cuffs to match the collar.  Outfit is on sale now in this round of the DESIGNER SHOWCASE
Shape and skin -Phil SYSP - Tan 2 - Step inSide  - Eyes - Mayfly -aged bronze
LOL more pictures on flickr - cheeky indeed!

Lady Carrie comes to tea

Brody Castle in the Highlands of Scotland  Getting out of the car, she couldn't help but think of the last time she'd been at the castle.  Well things would be different now, and she meant to claim what was hers.  As she began her walk up the time worn steps, she saw the Ian had already arrived, the small jet ranger was parked on the helipad. Off in the distance she saw the familiar snow capped mountains and smiled.  Yes this had to be one of the most beautiful  places in the world.
From the window he watched her approach, her long hair gently framing her face was being tousled by the breeze.  He noted that her natural beauty wasn't being ruined by make up she didn't need.  She was wearing the heirloom ruby choker he'd given her on their anniversary, and to his pleasant surprise she also wore the ring. Her simple gown was elegant and of the latest fashion, the colour dark enough to show off her soft feminine healthy glow.  Her skin was still as smooth and young looking as when they had first met.  Why had she come, and why now.
Inverness City and Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands,
Gown - Kina Maxi by** Snowpaws,       Hair**-Amacci-Emita-vanilla
Eyes- Mayfly- Deep sky-London fog       Shoes- SLink- black wedge suede wrap
Skin**- Gloria milk,1 from Step InSide      Shape - Amacci - Lexie tall
Jewelry - Fulo- Regina II earrings,choker,ring
**items now on sale DESIGNER SHOWCASE  more pictures on flickr -link upper right

FuLo Jewelry Mainstore, Valo

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New @ Designer Showcase

Little Italy was the perfect backdrop for the photo shoot.  This sweet little house is cosy, with an interior that is set up so that you feel like you are in a bigger  space  (more pictures on flickr)


We are featuring the POM Eden outfit, I really loved the look of this outfit, and decided that I would keep it pretty much the way the merchant packaged it.  The sandals are really "boss".  You get everything you see shoes, pants, top and jacket. There is an avatar provided, but I am not using it.  The makeup dramatic emerald is also with the outfit.  This  is really a good buy. 99L
Earrings are from Eluzion.  Hair is Emita from Amacci. (fave pack 99L)  Outfit from POM and the Amacci hair are in this round of the Designer Showcase
Shape- Amacci-Lexi       Skin - KRB Desta - Oh Yeah       Eyes- Redgrave-sage
NB* Translation feature has been added to my blog to assist you .  See upper left.  Thank you for visiting with me and sharing my adventures.

Virtual Harlem

VIRTUAL HARLEM, Virtual Harlem - if you haven't visit Harlem yet, this is a very special build.  Especially if you grew up with music as a big part of your world. Every visit, there is something new to discover.
Whether strutting the red carpet in front of the Apollo Theater or strolling the avenues. you will feel the energy of the movement that brought us so many great hours of musical entertainment.

This diva dress is from Bubbles Designs.  Her delightful extension of the floral theme in the silk fabric of the dress, with sculpted chamomiles  gives the outfit a  dynamic style.

Teamed with the floral shoe from G. Fields, we had an oscar winning outfit.
bangles come with the shoes.  

Earrings are Bonita Jewelry, Hair style is pure booN,   Skin KRB-Desta- Oh Yeah      Make-up    KRB- Spring Hyacinth      - model shape - Lexie Amacci
Eyes - Redgrave     - Hair piece is part of the outfit.
more pictures on flickr - link upper right
Visit the Designer Showcase for your own copy of this Bubbles Design outfit
Chamomile and Bonita Jewelry set