Friday, April 20, 2012

what's a girl to do

Staring at the phone won't make it ring.  Wishing on a star, hadn't produced his call.  She'd turned off the radio hours ago, every song was either a love song, or a sad, crying song. Was she the only one alone on a Friday night. All afternoon she'd hoped  he would call, she even bought a new pair of shoes, just in case.
Then she smiled, she remembered what the shoes were called.  Grim Bros. antidepressant shoe.  Putting them on, her mood lifted, the shoes had cost almost a week's salary but they were worth it.  Yesterday she'd bought the earrings and necklace from Bonita's Jewelry, why not, grinning now from ear to ear, she twirled in her new shoes, and hummed a happy tune her face smiled back at her as she fixed the earrings in place.
Uptown Sweater from 1 Hundred - on sale now at Designer Showcase
Capri's are Kyoot (Etienne)(Sepia)
Hair - Exile -Dandy-Vanilla
Eyes - Amacci - brown green
Skin - Amacci- Giselle (Fresh) 22 cutie
Bonita Jewelry is in current round of Designer Showcase
pictures on fickr

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