Tuesday, April 17, 2012

visit to the Unitarian library in SL

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a Unitarian library in SL.
U Utopia Library of World Religions  Having been a theology student at one time, I was very interested in visiting and looking around.  Being mindful and staying focused is such a huge part of being happy and content with where we are in life.  
We were shooting the two Fresco shirts from Rispetto Designs.  What a great package, a white and a black shirt, you get both for $55.  Our model had nothing but good things to say about the fit of the shirt.  These shirts are in the current round of the Designer Showcase.  The shirts were paired with a pair of Redgrave Herring bone pants (Beige).  Shoes are also Redgrave, classic sneakers.  Redgrave HD! mainstore

It was a learning experience working with a male model.  Shape - Randy (Q)
Skin - Shapes by Kira - Zavros     Eyes- Moon- autumn (m) Poetic
more pictures on flickr

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