Friday, April 6, 2012

Truly - Stars Fashion

Ever wished the man in your life would change his T shirt, ditch the sneakers, Stars Fashion might have the solution.  This is there promotional outfit right now, personally, black jeans go over better than torn and tattered blue jeans.
included with the jeans is a soft gray under shirt worn with a gray, red, black flannel plaid casual shirt that has a nice fit to it.  One button done up giving a rather rakish look, so you get casual and stylish without giving up the comfort.
Guys if you land  and its all female stuff, take a short walk, cam over to the next aisle.. *Stars" Fashion Mall
and guys, I can't count the number of times I got hit on while looking for a place to do my shoot. ^^
Hair- Amacci - Olof
AO Amacci- casual lite
Shape- Belleza - Johan
Skin- Belleza -Johan med. 5
loafers - Hays Uriza

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