Saturday, April 7, 2012


Just the word itself, Tango, brings to mind. feelings of emotion, passion and sensuality.   Appropriate adjectives for my dance amongst the flora and fauna 
at Luna Bliss -trees waterfalls aquatic plants.  
The fashion magazines are full of pinks, purples, floral patterns, colours that we associate with the Easter bunny. This outfit from DE Designer Clothes Mens Ladies  is called Tango, it does come in a lighter colour,  but I liked the darker pattern because it stands out against all the spring colours rather then blend in.

I feel very sultry in this dress, I wanted to dance bare feet in the garden under the moonlit sky.
Skin is *Shine* Nina Pink Plae C2
Hair - booN PY0902 black
AO - Amacci Ladylike
Eyes - Amacci - insight brown/gren big eyes
Model hud FEMME   Kamrek Creations
more pictures on flickr, link upper right 

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