Friday, April 20, 2012

standing out in a crowd

How often have we heard that, "I stood out like a sore thumb" or something similar. Our model had her chance today, in looking for our location, as usual in SL we got sidetracked.  We ended up at Men's clothing by Wilson' Designs, it was rather unreal, I'd never seen the likes of it, nor had our model. 
What better way to show off our outfit!  You can see for yourselves, We rock!
In room after room of cardboard models, our Designer Showcase model couldn't help herself, she became a bit of a show off, for sure no one was going to steal her thunder  Her outfit -Zibrina is by Eluzion, earrings are Eluzion, Shoes are by R2, a wonderful plaid shoe, the fat pack comes in a variety of plaids, our model is wearing Ekolu black (red/black plaid)  necklace is Amacci.
Shape - Ploom - Eile                Skin - Illusory - Love Milk - Frenchie LBT
Hair- Aleida - Wippy, red          Make up - Face Paint - Deadly black
Eyes - Mayfly mesh - aged bronze

LOL something different with this model... oophs its a alive!  Meet Jean Paul de Chiverny (the Count of Chiverny in the court of the King France, his Majesty Louis XIV)   ....more pictures on flickr

Don't forget the wonderful FLAWLESS Fashion Spring Sale and Hunt...
I took another picture of the shoe, I don't feel that the pictures show it well enough. ^^

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