Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shopping fun

I am a gal who likes pictures.  So many of us are, I found us a great little fun number from Pandor Popstars '3'  .. a curious little person, when I saw this gigantic umbrella open with sitting cushions, I had to sit.. wrong, I found myself jumping in the air and having a great time, bouncing like a child on a bed.  When I found the menu, I discovered I could not only 'jump' I could go up and twirl in the clouds, like a feather in the breeze... wow .. great fun.. there are three other positions.. one that I liked was gazing..   Oh now I'm really impressed, I just changed cushion, and there is another whole set of poses on this pillow different from the one I was just on.. FUN. the name of the product is called USP Umbrella/boat/seat  You will find it on marketplace.

After lunch we headed for Flawless to see if we could catch a glimpse of some of the specials that will be had this coming week-end.The Flawless Spring Sale, April 14-29th.  Exclusive items 50L each.  Designers from all over the grid. AND there is a special sim wide hunt. Like, what more can you ask for.  I hope you all realize that my checking this out for you all, means that I was spending way ahead of time.  You'll see pictures on flickr, some of the booths are set up.... shoes, dresses,skins,shapes, jewelry, all kinds of goodies. I got a great picture of the designer from Elemental working ... getting her ideas and thoughts ready for action.

Check out the makeup, could I resist. No.  =^_^=

model is wearing Elemental
Mayan Treasure earrings and necklace

top -Izzies -Floral line
shorts - Izzies denim
finger nails, - Izzies - tribal
Skin - Izzies-amber sunkissed, blue
eyes - Amacci - Emerald
Watch is Magnifico, DS merchant
who will have it on sale in her shop @ Flawless.

Hair A & A Silvio #1 Black isn't this style just such a groove!

Ankle boot - Nohea R2 Fashion in white with pink trim and purple
platform and heel

Shape - TC - Ciara ( a personal favourite)  

Izzie's Mainstore

Flawless -skin-shapes-fashion

PS added 3 pairs of boots /shoes to my inventory too.

Shopping the best way to spend a day !!!!  YAY!!!!!

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