Sunday, April 1, 2012


Seduction of the most innocent kind, the kind that sneaks up and wallops you hard when you least expect it to.  As we travel down the road together little bits and pieces of me will be strewn along the paths, we will journey. I am 5.3"  In SL we tend to be rather tall,  often in my case above average when in modeling mode. Lately I have found in my travels that many of the shapes that are out there (if you venture into certain areas in the fashion world) are shorter. Instead of tall and lean, they are short, compact more triangular. 

This dear reader, has created a much different fashion trend/look.  A blogger and active participant of the this world of fashion/style in SL, it is important (in my view) that I investigate and report to you my findings.
Like me, there are many of you out there that are not over 6 feet tall, and like me you will find some of the newer styles interesting, attractive and fun.  You are going to want to try them. To enjoy this new look, you might want to search out a new shape.  My new shape - Anna - is from the shop - TC Tila Frog (tila.carissa) under 5 ft, I modified her height to5'3", only because, as much as I loved her at 4' 3/4" I felt I needed the height for the outfit. 
TC & ZR Tattoos
I used Willow in the last blog, you can scroll down and see how she appeared then.  This is how she looks now, with a different shape. Willow > Style by Kira (skin)  Check the shapes Kira has in her shop or if you don't see what you want, ask her.. Kira has inventory tucked away in her inventory, LOL this gal has a lot to share with us.
Hair -  Mina - Mouko          Eyes - MayFly - Deep Sky (Dusky Hazel w3)
shoes - Fay (Roxanne)         Jewelry - Fulo (Eugene choker)
Outfit - Ruxy Designs Chocolate collection 2 colours, once more Ruxy has managed to give us a youthful look that looks ripe for the picking, you can't help but feel sexy when you wear it.

You will find the outfit, shoes, jewelry and skin @ Designer Showcase

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