Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seduction or Surrender

She stood quietly behind the pillar, daring not to breathe, willing herself to not betray her position.  From her vantage point, she could look down the long marble staircase and watch as the guests arrived.  The man that held her attention stood with his back to her greeting the guests as they arrived.  His handsome profile was highlighted by the  soft glow of the gas lamp on the wall near by.   She watched as he slipped his arm casually around one of the young guests that had just arrived.  The young beauty looked up into his face, her eyes bright with admiration.  Eagerly she leaned forward, but her host, moved her along, and turned to charm the next waiting guest
Tori sighed, it was tonight or never, her had asked for her reply by the end of the evening.  Stepping softly back into the shadows, she turned to walk away.
With a gasp she stopped, her hand fluttered to her neck.  Standing just inches from her, and gazing down into her now flushed features stood a stranger, a man she'd never seen.  A head taller, she had to look up, in so doing, she was mesmerized by the deepest darkest eyes, framed by long lashes against a face that was chiseled to perfection.

Shape - WOW *- Tori  
Skin - WOW - Tori milk cl   (vendor is at the Flawless Fashion Fair and Hunt)
Tori skin currently on sale at WOW Kiosk
Eyes- Lemania Indigo - Ice Gray
Hair - Vanity Hair - Marlene blonde
Shoes - Enkythings - Yuja II black  
Outfit - Bubbles Design - Elegance Green  selling in the Designer Showcase
           now, for $95
Jewelry -Zephyr * necklace, bracelet and ring (Nabucco)
           -Eluzion *- Yessenia earrings
* These merchants are currently at Flawless, at the Flawless Fashion Fair
Taxi - to Designer Showcase  Flawless Fashion Fair is right there.
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