Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rispetto Designs

Khayman Karlsvalt is new to the Designer Showcase, I liked what I saw, so I asked to preview his Primavera outfit.  You have to know that asking a male model to help on this project brought all the models to the studio en mass.
These ladies can't be found when you need them, bring a male model into the building and voila... full house.
A young man with attentive models vying for his attention, that was perfect fodder for my camera.  Turns out he was friends already with Q, so they shot the scenes together while they got caught up on "news"

You can see that the pants and the shirt are well designed, they don't get misaligned when the body moves.
There is a long sleeve and a shorter one, for the shoot, the model is wearing the shorter sleeve.

There is also the option of a white shirt. 
The pants are a gray/white, so lend themselves well for pretty much all occasions for day to day wear.

Avatar is - Style by Kira (Drake) -       skin - Style by Kira (Drake)
Hair - Dura - black
more pictures on Flickr     
on sale at Designer Showcase   now..... it is a steal, 

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