Monday, April 30, 2012

No man is an island

Everywhere he looked there were reminders of the times he'd been here with Anna, he didn't like how it made him feel.  Lovers walked hand in hand, or sat cuddled happily together on a bench.  What had ever possessed him to come back here.  He had thought the waves lapping gently unto the beach would lull his aching  heart, dull the pain of sadness, instead, he felt the loss even greater. Secret Garden, Nude - Moderate
Current round Designer Showcase -   Rispetto Designs has a triple whammy deal for you, a great pair of jeans,this great T-shirt, and this well made burgundy denim shirt.(Operaio)  All for the unbelievable price of $60.  What better way to show off a buff body.
more pictures on Flckr -link upper right 
Tomorrow by noon SL, the new round will all be up. Designer Showcase

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