Monday, April 30, 2012

Never judge a book by its cover

My young model today, had me fooled good and proper.  She arrived dressed as you see her, pleased as punch with her get up. My immediate thought was.OMG where would we go for the shoot.  Here again, very organized, she had a place all picked out. *Secret Garden* Nude - Moderate  on the tip of an island, the setting is romantic and charming.  My lesson for today, learn and enjoy.  When she posed with the flowers her comment "here, get the thorn between the roses" -^^  That was our theme.  When you see the pictures however, notice that she blends in and is part of the beauty.
Shape - TC Ciara                 Skin - ILL   Illusory - Love milk
Hair - Ploom - a little of everything     Tattoo - Leti's MM602 2
Shoes - Sexy bish Pin up stiletto pump - panda  
Jeans - Sexy Bish - rockabilly dream -cherry
Top - Grey red sweater - Carrasci;s Unchained Melodies
Countdown - new Designer Showcase will be in place for you by tomorrow noon SL time  DESIGNER SHOWCASE

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