Friday, April 27, 2012

Mountain hideaway

She stood rubbing her hands before the now crackling fire that he'd built when they first arrived.  She still had on her fur, the house was still cold.  High in the mountain, the view was spectacular, but darn it was cold.  She had dressed for this evening in a dress ordered from Paris design shop  Ala Folie, to be sure that it would all coordinate, she had the designer put it all together for her, jewelry, shoes, even pretty under clothes. At that time she had no idea, that part of the surprise was to be shown his home in the mountains.  Thank goodness the dress came with the little fur stole.
Feeling somewhat warmer now she took the time to look around.  On a far wall she was drawn to a wall of books,   She liked that, it showed that her host was a reader. The books were classics, a lot of hard covers research material, yes, a very eclectic mix, just like her host.
Curious she stepped outside on the balcony, seeing stairs, she wondered where they led.  She knew she shouldn't, but she couldn't stop herself from slowly making her way up the steps.  He had after all told her to make herself at home.  Smiling she wondered just how at home, she could make herself.
The house, Mountain 2 - can be seen INSIDE - mainstore - houses,mesh prefab

more pictures on Flickr, pictures are only a tease, see the house, wander and feel its charms.  Picture it on your land, know your lot size. These are quality homes, check out the details in each room.

Skin- Nvious - Jazmine, 008        Make up - Face Paint Cleo Pink
Eyes - 2C - Inspire 27 naturall   green/blue
Hair - Vanity Hair - Pin up HP soil
Outfit -Alo Folie - Star - comes complete with shoes, jewelry & stole

Readers, remember that Designer Showcase will be changing over to a new round, this is your last chance to snap up any of the current offerings.  Already I'm prowling for the new items that will be coming out next week.
Stay tuned!

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