Friday, April 6, 2012

Male Fashion

Do men go through the same rituals that we do?  Come spring we change our outfits in the handy drawers and cupboards to the lighter, brighter colours, clothes we wear come the warmer weather. Then we carefully pack all our winter treasures away to be rediscovered next fall.  Ok not all of us are as fastidious as others, but you know what I mean.  Having a male model in the house means that I have to make room for his clothes, shoes and accessories.  We (females) of course outnumber him.   thankfully he claims, he will need only one cupboard (folder)  I guess time will tell.
What I have learned is that shopping for a male outfit is not easy  that is due to the lack of an extensive variety.  There are some very good shops out there, and I am hoping that with time I will discover more of them.  If you are a discriminating shopper, you do have to tread slowly.  If there are demos, i.e. for shoes, be sure to try them. What works on the female avatar, does not necessarily work on the male av.

Most of the shopping was done at Redgrave -  that is where I found the clothes that appealed to me the most. Cargo pants - Redgrave,  Sneakers were also bought at Redgrave, there was a number of colours to pick from.
I loved the rich colour of the sweater, and the fact that it has a leather stamped back to it. with a leather insert across the front  Also,hair David, dark blond, (Redgrave) RG Redgrave main store, skins & fashion 
model poses - Kamrek Creations KarmreK Creations

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