Monday, April 16, 2012

lots of impact

Un bijou of a day (a gem of a day). I was turned on to my day by two events. #1 was a new hairdo -Love soul- Love nature (ash  brown), the hair simply gave my day a lift, the wonderful butterflies charmed me out of gloomy mood.
#2 was the zing when I saw the dress in the Designer Showcase from Pretty Lady.  A tube dress, mesh, that she called Butterlfy.  I had to have it.  Then of course I found the perfect wicker bag from Zephyr, the teal is on sale for the Flawless Spring Sale $50, the others in the pack are at regular price of $150.
I was on a roll.  When I slipped into my new shape from Blooming Shadows, (Ebba)  I went into a totally different direction with the look.  I found my Diamond Avatar skin (in the current round  of the Designer Showcase) except for  still having to find shoes I was feeling pretty special.  I found shoes in my inventory  L3S Bosh extreme - colour hud.  You ready....

Cartoon - Solo Donna Community    more pictures on flckr
Earrings -  Eluzion - Olyvia - find them at the Flawless Spring Sale

Taxi to Designer Showcase   this limo will take you to DS and the Flawless Spring Sale.

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