Sunday, April 22, 2012

A lady scorned

Lady Carrie knew everyone was turned her way, already she could hear the whispers.  Her hair, usually in wild disarray was carefully coiffed, every curl in place.  She knew the sunlight that was falling softly around her shoulders would show her skin to perfection.  She had chosen her gown carefully, it caressed her every move as she walked head held high into the crowded church yard.  The crowd parted to let her by. Smiling she allowed her eyes to linger just a fraction longer then was deemed polite, on the admiring eyes that openly appraised her.

Standing just outside the church was her friend and escort in this invasion of a "private" affair.  Le Compte was not smiling, he watched with apprehension as Lady Carrie walked towards him.  How had he allowed himself to offer his services, he never could refuse a lady in distress.  The woman who had sought his help, tears in her eyes, and fragile of person, was not this enchantress seductively coming towards him.  A shiver up his spine told him, he would live to rue this day.  Darkwood Cathedral and medieval towers
Shape - amacci Lex Tall                                more pictures on flickr
Skin - Belleza  Elle  BR SK 13 cleavage
Eyes - 2C  Inspire 27 natural green/blue
Hair -Tribal Soul, Secret Elegance - glitter - Borealis
Shoes - TDR 2 black
Jewelry - Fulo - Donna, necklace and earrings
Outfit - Snowpaws - araigne lace gown ruby flowers

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