Saturday, April 28, 2012

INSIDE - the Jewel

For only a moment did she stop to think of what her regrets might be, the house before her was simply too much of a Jewel to not go in.  She wouldn't ask the cost, she would simply step inside through the door that was being opened for her, and allow herself to bask in its beauty. Some might find it too open, but she loved the floor to ceiling windows. The views were breathtaking.  360 degree open floor plan, wow, No she wouldn't think of the cleaning all those windows would require.  If she could afford this house, then she could afford a service.  Oh the rug has animations.. smiling to herself, she wished she had not come alone. naughty naughty!.  already the house had her under its spell.
Upstairs was perfect, a big bed, and an inviting hot  spa.  From the vantage point of the bed, there was a skylight, contented sigh, the designer had thought of everything.
INSIDE - mainstore -houses,mesh prefabs
Like the house, the ball gown seen here has presence. Paris Metro Couture, Feast French Lace. Sophistication, elegance, haute couture, this dress is a knock out.  The see through artistry of the gown between the bust line and the waist is seduction at its best.
Shape/Skin - WOW Emma                      Eyes - Amacci - fudge 19
Hair -Aleida -Wimpy black/noir               Shoes -Patulas House -ribbon
Jewelry -CMD - Illusions- earrings and necklace
This house needs a minimum of 512 sq m. for placement.  It has 91 prims fully furnished - with a total of 300 animations. more pictures on flickr

Have you been to Designer Showcase to make sure you've not missed any little treasures?

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