Saturday, April 14, 2012


When it gets really busy, our models find places to disappear to.  I finally tracked our model today , to a place called KittyCats Mainshop lovely grounds, with lots of places in which one can curl up and disappear for awhile.Her love of cats brought her to this build.  I didn't see them but there are cats that can be bred there..?
Our lovely model is wearing a darling pink party dress (Idaline Pink)  from Eluzion.  the shading in the material gives a number of possibilities when looking at what kind of accessories to wear with it. The darker bolder shading around the bodice  contrasts nicely as it lightens in the skirt giving a very light feeling. The easy movement that gently moves with the wearer is head turning.
Body/shape and skin are from WOW (Sophia)
Hair - Backstage -teen blonde Vanity Hair
Eyes - Amacci -Fudge             AO - Amacci  Ladylike
Shoes - (GOS) Pimp your pumps V2
Jewelry - Idaline, Earrings Eluzion
               - Bonita Designs - necklace Purple Flower Necklace

more pictures on flickr, link upper right
Taxi to Flawless Spring Sale and Hunt

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