Tuesday, April 24, 2012

harmonic longing

Imparafacile Island  Music visually interpreted.  Each level you arrive at, is a different melody, a tease to the senses.  Like a spider's web it weaves around me, and I find myself chasing after the elusive note.  There is no sound, just
the memory of the moment.  The light dances all around, bathing me with vibrant and seductive luminosity.  Like a moth to a flame, I'm drawn further into the musician's net. Foyer of this amazing build Imparafacile
Every picture tells a story, see flickr for more pictures - feel the emotion, the desire and the seductive power of the lights.

Shape - Twily Goddess -             Skin- Nvious - Jazmine
Eyes- Amacci Sappphire 4           Make up FP - Barbie #4
Hair - A & A  -Whitney               Shoes - G. Field
Top - Eluzion- Imperia               Skirt - PM - Groovy long skirt orange
Jewelry - Eluzion

Taxi to Designer Showcase, because this is where I hang my hat =^_^=

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