Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fresh start

A new day, a new season, with a sigh Bella threw her head back and smiled up into the blue skies.  Everyone should have days like this,her aunt had promised her a day at the park, and here they were, finally out of the house.The constant need to be at one's best, receiving callers and being the perfect hostess was wearing thin. 
For the evening soiree they were to attend, she had chosen a black formal gown from the Donna Flora collection.  She had wanted this dress from the moment she first saw it.  The gown itself was a black/gray satin that shone like ebony depending on how the light played across the fabric.  The silver white tulle that fanned out from the knee of the skirt lengthened her already slender body.  Across the bust and over the shoulder was an arrangement of delicate flowers that gave elegance to the dark of the dress.
What she loved best of the dress was that the floral arrangement wound down her back giving her a picture perfect look coming or going.  The big silver gray bow on her left shoulder gave accent to her long slender neck.
She had carefully selected, a pair of Eluzion earrings, Jazzlyn, silver with a jeweled flower at the center, the earrings were a perfect match to the large white/pinkish rose at her left shoulder. Nothing was left to chance, even her bracelets and rings were carefully chosen from her jewel case, Zephyr jewelry suited her it was bold, yet feminine.
The Botanical Gardens
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e s s e n c i a l, Amacci, Eluzion,Style by Kira - Designer Showcase merchants
When was the last time you visited the Designer Showcase  This round is almost over, next week, we start another round.  Don't miss out.  We have plans, the Designer Showcase is always changing, always with you in mind.

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