Thursday, April 26, 2012

flashback to Y&R

Jill wasn't trying to listen, but it was hard not to hear the young couple as they earnestly talked about how they could afford the house.  She had tactfully withdrawn to another part  of the house, but still their voices carried.  She found herself standing in one of the big bedrooms.  The big bed looked so inviting.  How it would be nice to have someone to share it with, she missed her husband, it would be 3 years next week since she'd gotten that call.  A call that shattered her world and left her alone to live with her memories.
Wandering a little further down the hall, she opened the door and found a gym, with big windows that looked out to the deck and beyond that the ocean.  How well thought out this house was.  She showed a lot of homes, but this one was special, you could feel that it was welcoming.
The young couple had loved the spa room, she smiled as she remembered nights of tenderness and sharing in the hot tub at home.  She was sure this house would be sold very soon ...
model reminds me of Jill in the Young & the Resltess. I think it is the outfit, I remember seeing Jill in something like this, certainly the hair.  When she walked in, I thought OMG its Jill, she has it down right to the chunky jewelry.

Hair -A & A Carlotta #4
Skin - Style by Kira - Abigail 01E
Eyes-Lemania Indigo - gray
Shoes- G Field - flat Little Diva
Outfit - Cold Logic - cohen moss jumper
Jewelry - Earrings - Eluzion
             Necklace and bracelet, Zephyr

BTW, the couple did buy the house, Absolute Summer from INSIDE, if you are in the market for a house, big or small, check out the INSIDE inventory.  Houses come furnished if you like what you see.  Visit the site in SL or on Marketplace.

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