Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Feline Prints

Texas is a playground for fun loving activities.  Today we journeyed to a couple of adult areas.  Link will take you to what is called the neutral zone.  No child avies. Texas Roadhouse  An interesting motorcycle for those who like old bikes.  Seeing the bike next to it, I'd say it isn't a true replication, but a fantasy bike.
Animal prints never seem to go out of fashion or season.
*Glitter* Kylie Leopard is pure raw energy, you know you will rock the room when you make an entrance, not for the shy quiet personality.  This is a statement outfit, dig out your best shape and skin and take the plunge.
Designer Showcase
Seen here wearing Wasabi
hair -Kamiko mesh black.

Eyes- 2C spotted light gray.

Boots - G.Field long cuff boot - peach

Shape -Nvious -Elle
Skin -Nvious -Amanda dk M1

more pictures on flickr

The Nvious skin is new, check the Nvious boutique for her latest releases.
Nvious by GG
*G Field* main Store
Wasabi Pills -main store -

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