Sunday, April 22, 2012

a doll's world

The model scheduled for today, was not available, that happens, in her stead I was greeted by a Marionette/puppet doll.  After picking out her "ooowwh I luv dat" outfit (Sassy Rocking Dress- grey) and shoes (sLink Suede Wrap Wedge in black)  she was "weddy".. I did suggest that the Sassy Rocking Dress in red might be a much brighter and fun dress for the occasion, however she pouted and said "but gway goz wid my porchwin skin"  for those of you needing translation, that is her porcelain skin, which I will tell you is vintage, cracked and rather ancient.   A lovely girl, but the cracks in her porcelain may not be the only affects of age she suffers from.
Her choice of location was Shiny Shop PG rated toy Store,Fun cars, cats and
The woman never stands still, we should have been shooting a video. While I took myself off to Photoshop, I left her in Designer Showcase to dance to her hearts content "dats my mostest vavrite store in da hhhhhhhhhhhholle word"
Hair - booN  SPS001 purple                  poses - SLC Puppet AO set  and
o0o Studio. Marionette
Skin - Quarantine -Fragmented Love Vintage Doll
Eyes - LI  Ice Gray 
more pictures on flickr

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