Saturday, April 7, 2012

Designer Showcase does "SoHo"

The outfit I pulled together today won raves during a visit to London's SoHo district.  I can tell you that I held my own, Designer Showcase diva's have their own style, it is universal.  Our model was on the move basically the whole time we were there.  She found a ChopZuey store that had muffin (pendant) in the window, there we had to bascially pull her away from the display.
Hair- A&A skunk mohawk white/purple
Eyes - Amacci - gray brown
Shape - Style by Kira

Skin -e s s e n c i a l Mimi tan/orchid
Necklace- Bonita Design
Outfit - Ashli Designs, LisaMun
Boot- Loordes of London -Angelsey

these items in Designer Showcase
now.  hurry on down and check them out.  Designer Showcase

The outfit LisaMun is worn here as a fun casual outfit, but it would also work very well with a different hairstyle and accessories for a night out.
The little ankle boot is fun, it had pink in it, that I found limiting, but the style itself is fantastic.  I would wear it for outings any time of day or night.
Bonita's necklace I would wear anytime as well, I've blogged it before, I find it very handy when I want to have subtle bling along my neckline, and the fall down the back, gives me a dressier look from the back when I have a low back to my outfit.  A little something that draws the lookers eyes down my back.  Readers all is fair in love and war don't you know ^^

Yes there is someone already in the taxi.
and No, you don't want to know what our model is doing.

few more pics on flickr.

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