Monday, April 9, 2012

Blue Moon - modern avatar art

Yes, indeed, a lovely happy shade of royal sky blue with highlights of moonbeams that adorn a cosmo skin from NBGG -NVious.  Usually these skins are seen in the rich lush gardens of the forest communities.  Or by the mountain fairies as they weave their magic amongst the clouds. Today we take you out high past clouds, far into the Universe on a distant planet.  Shape- April, Body by Coco -  Outfit - Lillou's Designs an outfit that dazzles in detail, the multi layered skirt dances and moves with wearer.  It comes complete with a lovely neck piece and gloves.  The gathered ruche at the waist is done in such a way that it flatters and blends beautifully into the bow that sits prettily on the  hipbone. Instead of adding dimension to the area it slenderizes.
The designer placed the decorative gems on the bodice and through the lace  netting in such a way that the dress is really a piece of worn jewelry.
This avatar art was taken at Inspire Dance Planet
Hair - A&A Zany  #11               Eyes - 2C spotted 6 -light gray
Shoes - Magnifico - Le Plateau heel  (different colours in DS)
Outfit, shape and shoes are currently in the Designer Showcase
Skin is available from DS merchant NBGG Nvious,not currently in DS
more pictures on flickr - link upper right

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