Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Alexis Nightclub & Metro Paris Couture

Well dear reader. I have to confess that this last week, I've been in more clubs then I have been in for a very long time. A singer I very much enjoy in SL finally was playing at a time that I could make the concert.  Christopher135 Quan is his name.  This is his website,
-Winner of the 2010 West Coast Songwriters best song of the year.
-Winner of the 2011 West Coast Songwriters best song - Sacramento.
-Nominated Best Of Second Life LIVE Performers 2011.
-Producer/Songwriter - Christopher has been involved with music and performing for nearly 30 years.  
For the whole time I was there, I didn't think of work, I just settled down and listened.  Contact Chris or Lo Bloch for booking!  

I've also met and talked to,  Hedy Patrucci and Donny Collazo, they caught my attention because they were so beautifully turned out. I appreciate seeing attractive avatars.
Donny was not only handsome, and well dressed,, he was breathing!  Vista animations has an AO for women and men that breathes.  Guess where I will be heading shortly after i get this project done. =^_^=   pictures on flicker.

Our model was wearing I think one of Paris Metro Couture's most glamorous evening gowns.
TRPH2 #35 Paisley Kisses - purple.
Shape -WOW -emma      Skin - Afrodite 2 GA4-M2-by-Nany Merlin  Unique Megastore
Eyes - Sensitive - Unique Megastore
Make up Face Paint -Metallic Shine blue                       Hair - A&A  Kingstyle #2
AO Vista animations - urban chic breathing (I'm really taken with this feature)
Jewelry - earrings Eluzion Jazzlyn         necklace - Crystal Line - Ramona

Taxi to The Overthrow Bunker & The Alexis Nightclub

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