Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1-KC Ottoman 2-Magnifico

With the help of our model and a brand new dress by Magnifico (pink) I was able to try out my new Ottoman from Kamrek Creations.  Like everyone else I know I live in a house that has only so much space.  Because I do a lot of work from home, I wanted a functional piece of furniture, that allowed for the models to try out an outfit before we went on location.  
This ottoman is set with both female and male poses.  However it can be purchased either with just female poses or just the male poses. The ottoman that I have, (both m/f) has 5 female poses and 5 male poses, with 21 texture options.  You won't believe how well priced this item is.  $99 for the single set pose ottoman.. and $199 for the one that holds both sets of poses.
KamreK Creations & ShapextasiS

Where did we go today, we went to WED (We enjoy Disney) a fun place, with much more time needed then we had today to see it all. WED (We enjoy Disney )World -WEDcot Park  OMG I went on a ride and got motion sick.. heading for the gravol.  Take the time, go explore. 

Reminder - there is a big sale coming up, April 14- April 29th. on the Flawless Sim.  The Flawless Spring Sale and Hunt.  You will not want to miss this event.  There are 50+ merchants who will have new and exclusive products marked for sale for only 50L each, as well as hunt items on the sim.
Magnifico will be at this sale, and so will this dress. * the dress comes in many colours, lots to choose from. The colour changing watch is also from Magnifico.

Eyes- Izzies - mesh teak
Hair -Ploom, Natie, a little of everything       
more pictures on flickr

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